User Experience Specialist

  • Research user experience-related data and demographics of current products and services of Ace-up including a web platform, surveys and on-boarding processes for users; and develop website design using html, css and/or javascript.
  • Track any and all interactions between a potential or active customer(s) and Ace-up.
  • Analyze operational and industry data from field reports using general data analysis software.
  • Develop business intelligence reports, collect and analyze business intelligence.
  • Track goals and integration of research on user experience to improve quality interaction between current and potential user(s) and all facets of Ace-up.
  • Design sitemaps, wireframes for desktop, mobile and tablet views of the web platform that respond to the studied interaction between the customer and the product.
  • Create sketches, low and high-fidelity prototypes using Invision for user testing sessions and provide design change/ recommendations based on user testing feedback to the product team, leading to the improvement of the web platform.
  • Devise and conduct methods and procedures for collecting data through direct observation of user activities through interviews, surveys, opinion polls, and/or focus groups.
  • Collect data and conduct interviews, surveys, opinion polls, and/or focus groups.
  • Analyze and iterate user enhancement methods that connect Ace-up’s goals to its current (and potential) user’s needs through a process of testing and refinement.
  • Prepare presentations illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings of human factors activities, such as testing, investigation or validation, into written text for review of management to help Ace-up determine improvements, to develop new business or update and create market strategies that enhance user interaction.
  • Analyze operational data to evaluate operations and processes.
  • Prepare analytical with reference to user experience design development and provide design change recommendations based on user testing feedback.
  • Develop and lead the quality assurance test(s) of Ace-up’s web platform. 
  • Manage google analytics to track and interpret the quantitative data of the web platform.
  • Collaborate with the product manager, developer and visual designer to create user experience to support users’ needs, Ace-up’s business goals and identify technical limitations and innovation.
  • Plan and execute evaluative and exploratory research studies, including but not limited to interviews, surveys, usability studies, user testing, data analysis and quick turnaround methods to discover and apply insights to the design of Ace-up products and services.


Master’s Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE, EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY OR CLOSELY RELATED FIELD. Special Skills: Proficient in Data Analysis, Ed-Tech, E-Learning, and UX Design and Research  Methodologies and tools measured by at least three (3) months of experience. Proficiency in research methodologies as mentioned above must include at least one of the following: User Interview, Focus Group, Survey, Persona Building, Card Sorting, Creating Prototypes, Designing Wireframes and Mockups, Usability Testing, Competitive Analysis; and proficiency in tools as mentioned above must include Invision, Sketch and/or Balsamiq.

Mail Resume to ACE UP Inc. VENTURE LANE 55 COURT ST Second Floor Boston, MA 02108 or Email Resume to