What to Look for When Hiring a Life or Career Coach


How do you hire a career coach, a health coach, or a business coach? Whatever type of coaching you are looking for, hiring a coach is like finding a life time partner: it is an important step that can make or break your career and life performance. Ace-up came up with a list of questions that can help determine which coach is right for you:

What is the coach’s experience?

These includes the number of people they’ve coached, years of experience, types of coaching situations, etc.

What are some of their success stories?

A true coach must be able to tell you specific examples and concrete actions that they implemented that led to success of their client. Don’t fall for abstract words as there are many factors that could help someone succeed, and it is important to understand whether the coach actually contributed to that success or was it a mere coincidence.

Do they have coach-specific training?

Do they have a business, health or life coach certification? Are they enrolled in an ICF approved training program or any other program?

Are they a member of ICF? Do they hold an ICF Credential?

The International Coach Federation is a highly-respected group of professional coaches, and while it’s not mandatory for your coach to be a member in order for you to hire them, it’s an excellent indicator of a coach’s quality.

What is their specialty or areas in which they most often work?

Preferably you would want a coach who worked and/or has expertise of your field of interest to reduce the learning curve for your coach. This also asks for what type of business do they work with most often, as well as at what level: executive, upper management, or mid-level management.

What is their philosophy about coaching?

This question will test your coach’s good communication skills: if they can’t sell their coaching business to you, they can’t help you sell your skills and/or business plans.

Don’t limit yourself with just questions. Conduct proactive search by looking up comprehensive information about coaches on Ace-up’s highly-vetted platform, where coaches’ information is displayed for any interested individual to learn more about a coach.

What to Look for When Hiring a Life or Career Coach

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