An Expert Panel on Fostering Behavioral Change at Scale with Technology

Session Brief

This panel brings together some of the most brilliant experts and entrepreneurs in the world on behavioral change. During this session, our two moderators, IOC’s Founder Dr. Carol Kauffman and Google’s Director of Leadership Dr. David Peterson, will interview our panelists to understand what the latest innovations in science and technology are that they leverage to help people change their behaviors and develop new habits. Also, our panelists will discuss the impact we see on people and organizations as a result of targeted and structured behavioral change initiatives.

From Julia Dhar, MPP, a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group who Founded BeSmart, which is BCG’s Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Insights initiative, to Beth Porter, Founder of Riff Analytics, which uses expertise from MIT in human dynamics and collaboration models to address unconscious biases in the workplace, we will discuss how technology can help us become better humans in life and at work.


Dr. David Peterson

Google, Director of Leadership & Coaching

In early 2011, David joined Google, Inc., as Director, Leadership and Coaching, where he provides coaching to senior leaders, oversees internal and external coaching programs, and supports a range of executive development and organizational learning programs. Previously, he served as senior vice president and practice leader for PDI Ninth House’s worldwide coaching and leadership development services. His consulting work with PDI NH focused on coaching for senior executives in Global 100 companies, as well as helping organizations design their own coaching and leadership development programs. His clients included Target, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Levi Strauss, Stanford University, Chevron, Shell, and Wal-Mart. He is the author and co-author of numerous articles and two best-selling books,  Leader As Coach and Development FIRST:  Strategies for Self-Development. Most recently he authored the chapter on Executive Coaching for the APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Beth Porter

Riff Analytics, CEO & Founder, Lecturer at MIT in Human Dynamics

Beth Porter is the Founder and CEO at Riff Analytics. Riff Analytics is a social learning platform for people and companies. By combining decades of experience in learning technologies and team building, especially online, with expertise from MIT in human dynamics and collaboration models, Riff Analytics aims to transform the culture of learning in the corporate setting to one that helps organizations support their employees during every phase of growth and change. Beth is also a lecturer at MIT Media Lab and is an Adjunct faculty member at Boston University Questrom School for Business.

Julia Dhar (Fetherston), MPP

Boston Consulting Group, Partner & BeSmart, Founder

Julia Dhar leads Boston Consulting Group’s global behavioral insights initiatives BeSmart and Nudges at Scale, and is a Partner in the Boston office. Her TED talk “How to disagree productively and find common ground” has been viewed close to 5 million times. Her book “The Decision Maker’s Playbook” was published by the Financial Times in 2019, and is available in 4 languages. Her work has been published or featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, GQ, and NPR. She is deeply involved in the firm’s IP development on Impact Investing and the Future of Work, and previously served as the Private Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in New Zealand. Julia holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and is passionate about building organizations and societies where people can be their best selves.

Jen Brown (Heckle)

Humu, Head of People Science

Jen Brown is a People Scientist specializing in researching employee behavior at Humu. Her team implements scientifically validated interventions and analytic approaches to make work better for everyone—everywhere. Prior to joining Humu, Jen spent six years on Google’s People Analytics team, a specialized branch within HR to analyze cultural factors that contribute to employee satisfaction, retention, and performance. Before Google, Jen received her Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Lindsay Schutte Crittendon

Headspace, Head of Partner Success, Headspace for Work

Lindsay Crittendon, Head of Partner Success, leads the enterprise and health relationship organizations at Headspace. She has led the Headspace for Work enterprise business and built a world-class modern customer success organization that delivers on the Headspace promise to improve the health and happiness of the world on a daily basis. As a leader of early and mid-stage venture-backed companies, she has witnessed first-hand the power of mindfulness practices executed in the workplace and has a breadth of experience in enterprise software-as-a-service go-to-market. Prior to leading Headspace for Work, she served as General Manager of Entelo and was a Co-founder and VP of Finance and Operations, of Chute Corporation. She’s also spent time at the research and consulting firm Frank N. Magic Associates and is a passionate advocate of customer-focused practices.

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