The Secret of Disruptive Leaders and Organizations: What is Holding You Back?

Session Brief

Charlene Li is one of the most renowned experts in the world on disruptive growth. Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, NYT best-selling author, and YPO Board Member, Charlene has a unique expertise in digital transformation and leadership in the digital era. In her recent Ted Talk, “Efficient leadership in the digital era”, she explains why and how leadership has evolved from the industrial era to the digital one, and what Business and HR Leaders need to know to be effective leaders today. During her workshop, Charlene will share her secrets on what makes leaders and organizations disruptive, and lead an activity with our audience to help them examine the beliefs that hold them back from being disruptive.


Charlene Li, MBA

YPO, Board Member

Charlene Li is a Serial Entrepreneur who has successfully exited 2 companies. She is also the successful, NYT best-selling author of “The Disruption Mindset’. Board Member of YPO in San Francisco, Charlene helps leaders and organizations thrive with disruption as an expert on digital transformation and leadership.

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