How to Harness the Power of Executive Coaching and Mentorship

Everyone talks about how coaching can help enhance your learning and development programs, take your culture from good to great, and up-level today’s high-potential employees to tomorrow’s executive leadership team. What’s more, are the pragmatic solutions that leadership coaching brings to a team and a growing organization.

On May 24, we joined Gina Guarracino, Director of People at Mirakl, a French-based tech company with a second HQ in Boston, Massachusetts, for an informative and (personal webinar). Gina was joined by Executive coach and AceUp Strategic Advisor, Paul Tripp.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to implement a leadership development strategy that makes a lasting impact on your people – and the business
  • Why a top down approach is necessary when scaling
  • The importance of coaching and mentorship in transitioning from subject matter expert to leader
  • Intuitive ways to align senior leadership messaging across departments


Gina Guarracino

Director of People, Mirakl

Gina is not only passionate about people development and aligning People strategies to organizational goals, but also in creating a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere where individuals can truly thrive. Gina enjoys networking with professionals in the industry to share groundbreaking ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and drive talent innovation.

When not in the office, Gina can often be found tending to her house plants or hanging out with her furry best friend, her dog, Riggins.

Headshot - Paul Tripp - Executive, Leadership & Business Coach

Paul Tripp

Founder and Executive Coach, The Show Up Coach

Paul is a passionate and dynamic Senior Executive Coach with over 20+ years of providing advisory, executive coaching, and mentorship to global leaders. Accolades include: ICF PCC, Certified Team Coach, Certified Group Coach, MS Finance, MA Human Relations.

“Human-centered leadership means understanding what your people need, how they think and how they behave so you can incorporate them more fully into every aspect of your business.”

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