Welcome To AceUp

We’re a group of serial entrepreneurs, accomplished researchers, and passionate problem solvers who aim to encourage individuals and teams to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

We believe in and fully stand behind our products. Each member of our team is committed to reaching their own personal and professional goals, and every one of us uses the very services we offer to reach those goals.

We’re creating a world of continuous learning, empowering people to connect with their full potential

Empowering people

Open minded & tolerant

Always learning & growing

Embrace adversity & drive positive change

Meet the team

Will Guillaume Foussier

CEO & Founder

Layla Lynn

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Patrick Schreckengast

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder

Rohit Begani

Chief Technology

Scott Cole

Chief Marketing Officer

Pratt Bennet

VP of Learning & Development

James Lopata

VP of Coaching Supervision

Rach SebellShavit

VP of Coaching Impact

Flavia Ibañez

UI Design Lead

Josh Feinman

Director of Customer Success

Kurt Faustin

Client Partner

Bryant Mitchell

Enterprise Account Executive

Alcina Tran

Account Executive

George Freeman

Enterprise Account Executive

Maddie Lee

Executive Assistant

Han Xu

UX Specialist

Remi Tachet

VP of Machine Learning

Mykola Kovalchuk

Tech Lead

Vitalii Patsaliuk

Senior Fullstack Developer

Mykola Vorona

Senior React Engineer

Taras Nazarovets

Scrum Master/QA Tester

Anastasiia Falaleeva

Front-End Engineer

Mekah Allen

Coach Success Manager

Denise Amaya

Account Manager

Adrienne Elias

Marketing Graphic Designer

Shirin Shahin

Product Marketing Lead

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Our story

AceUp was founded in late 2015 by CEO Will G. Foussier. Before founding AceUp, Will began his work as a financial analyst in France until he switched to non-profit work, joining the Clinton Global Initiative’s 20/30 Program in NYC. Coming from Europe, Will found it difficult to adapt to the American style of communication.

On the advice of a coworker, he began working with an Executive Coach to develop his communication skills. During this experience, Will realized how powerful of a tool coaching could be for both professional and personal development in the workplace. With his fellow Co-Founders and founding team, he built AceUp into the scalable, quality coaching platform it is today.

We at AceUp are able to accomplish amazing things through the help of our strategic partners:

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