AceUp Partners with Paradigm for Parity to Advance Gender Parity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AceUp, the leading provider of Human-Centered Leadership® coaching solutions, announced today its partnership with Paradigm for Parity on the Center for Action, a new one-stop resource hub for Paradigm for Parity coalition members to accelerate gender parity progress across all levels of business leadership. AceUp is proud to be one of four launch partners in this groundbreaking initiative.

AceUp’s partnership with Paradigm for Parity reaffirms its dedication to diversity and inclusion, which are integral to the company’s mission and values. It also provides access to Paradigm for Parity’s expertise and data-driven insights which will enhance AceUp’s strategies, allowing it to be a leadership transformation engine for teams and individuals, promoting inclusivity.

“Our organization firmly believes in the power of diversity as a driver of innovation, creativity, and overall business success,” said Joshua Templeton, Chief Revenue Officer, AceUp. “This partnership is not just about doing what’s right; it’s about enhancing our business outcomes while fostering a workplace where every individual feels valued and heard.”

The Center for Action is an unprecedented support model that will furnish an evolving array of resources to facilitate the seamless integration of gender parity and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) practices recommended in the Paradigm for Parity 5-Point Action Plan. These resources include leadership development and coaching, a diverse and inclusive pipeline of women interns, strategic support for diversity, equity, and inclusion, sponsorship training, and much more. The joint effort takes a holistic approach, impacting every level of an organization and uses data-driven insights to enhance strategies.

“The Center for Action is a powerful new tool that gives our coalition members ready access to multiple, best-in-class organizations dedicated to DE&I and gender parity in corporate culture,” said Sandra Quince, CEO Paradigm for Parity. “We know we can’t do this work alone, and we’ve begun to gather partners we know and love to do the work of deep transformation of our workplaces.”

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About Paradigm for Parity

As a nonprofit founded by a group of women executives in 2015, the Paradigm for Parity® coalition supports its member companies around the world in achieving gender parity including racial equity in their corporate leadership within 15 years of joining the coalition. In partnership with member company executives and recognized experts, the organization develops and promotes actionable strategies that transform corporate culture, so that women of all races, cultures and backgrounds have equal power and opportunity.

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