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Frederic Bonnard

Executive Coach

I started my professional career in the Silicon Valley in 1990 where I had the opportunity to embark early on in the digital revolution. I worked in product management for companies such as NeXT, Apple, Netscape and AOL. At NeXT I had the unique chance to work for Steve Jobs, before the company was acquired by Apple.

Back in France after 10 years, I joined several startups in the mobile, video and cloud computing industry, before working for more established company in the tech industry such as Software AG and Orange, at different levels of management in product management and marketing.

I then joined the media industry, as a CDO for France 24/RFI, an international media, and France Television, the French state-owned TV broadcaster, where I managed an organization with 350 people and a 60M€ operational budget.

In 2018, I decided to leverage my insider experience of both the digital transformation of many small and big corporations, and of the impact that change may have on individuals and teams, to become Executive Coach.

As a coach I help individuals, managers, teams and organizations transform themselves to develop their engagement and improve their performance in a complex and everchanging environment.

I am a confronting coach, who doesn’t come with a given approach or methodology, nor any particular intention. I work with coachees to enable them to observe and understand how they function, so that they can move from a reactive mode where they suffer from external and internal events to a more creative mode where they are responsible for their choices. I like to use different approaches and tools to tailor what is best for coachees.

I can relate with most of the professional challenges facing coachees in professional setups, since I worked in several companies at different levels, from individual contributor to member of the Executive Committee, and as an entrepreneur as well as manager of hundreds of employees, in private or state-owned companies, in startups or more established and in French, American or foreign companies.

I work with coaches on 3 different levels: mental through cognitive approaches (AT, PNL, Systemic approach, …); heart through emotional intelligence and mindfulness; and body through breathing practices.

My offering includes individual and team professional coaching, collective intelligence and mindfulness.

Right now, I am especially interested in the following topics: ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), which states that not everything needs to be fixed in life in order to move forward and reach your goals; the position of the self-observer to move away from being a victim from external events to be responsible for your own choices; the awarness of what depends on us and what doesn’t; the growing importance of the embodied intelligence; and the value of actions that can be externally observed over thoughts that stay internal.

In addition to the tools listed above, I use the Leadership Circle Profile for assessment, Theory U for change management, and the Council Circle to enable collective intelligence.

  • Master of Science in Computer Science from CentraleSupelec, France
  • Instructor MBSR, from IMA
  • ACT Coaching from Contextual Psychology Institute, Canada
  • Certified Executive Coach, from HEC Paris, France
  • Ashtanga Yoga instructor, from the World Yoga Alliance
  • Foundations of Positive Psychology, from Penn University
  • Co-development practitioner, from SysCodev
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • MBTI instructor, the Myers-Briggs company
  • Leadership Circle Profile practitioner, from The Leadership Circle
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