How Coaching Accelerates Your L&D Strategy

The demands on your workforce have never been greater. Senior leadership relies on your L&D strategy and programs to help employees adapt quickly to the rapidly evolving world. Coaching has been proven to be significantly more effective at developing leaders and effecting change, but often acts in isolation. How can you integrate coaching into your leadership and employee development programs – eLearning, workshops, leadership competency frameworks – to enhance the value and sustained impact of both? In this webinar you’ll learn how to leverage coaching to amplify the effect of all the development programs you currently deploy.

  • How coaching acts as a catalyst for your other programs
  • Key criteria for an effective systemic coaching program
  • Readiness indicators for implementing the next levels of coaching
  • Pitfalls to avoid in implementation


Belinda Tribley

Belinda Tribley

Human Capital Consultant & Executive Coach

Belinda is the founder of Aclero, a human-capital consulting and coaching firm and an expert executive coach. She applies her decades of experience as partner, CHRO and director at organizations such as HSBC and Fidelis Insurance to help clients create sustainable high-engagement work environments and develop their leaders, individuals and teams to adapt swiftly and wisely, and have stronger results.

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