How to Create Human-Centered Leaders and Managers in 2023 and Beyond

For new managers to thrive in today’s working world, a new leadership model is required. It’s a human-centered model that treats employees as valued individuals who are respected, empowered, and trusted. Ultimately leaders lead not to serve those above them; they lead to serve those who serve them.

In this discussion,  top leadership experts tackle these issues:

• Why are current Leadership Development programs not helping to prepare for the Future of Work?

• How can we focus on Human-Centered leadership and build on 3 imperatives including authenticity, empathy and adaptiveness?

• What considerations are there to being a human-centered leader in a hybrid environment?

• Preparing for leadership complexity where their scope and responsibilities become increasingly important and human

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Chris Rainy in a light t-shirt is the Co-Founder and CEO at HR Leaders and loves to talk about employee experience

Chris Rainey

Co-Founder & CEO at HR Leaders

Host: HR Leaders Podcast; the World’s #1 Podcast exploring the Future of Work

Harvey Floyd II headshot

Harvey Floyd II, M. A.

Harvey Floyd II, Lecturer & Lead Executive Coach at Wharton

An organizational psychologist, senior executive coach, and a University lecturer specializing in the areas of DEI, leading complex change, executive development and coaching.

Josephine Berisha headshot

Josephine Berisha

Chier HR Officer at XPO Logistics, Inc.

Leading XPO’s global HR organization, with responsibility for integrating HR functions with operational objectives and fostering the company’s culture for ~40,000 employees

Sanyin Siang headhsot

Sanyin Siang

Professor at Duke University

#1 Exec Coach & Mentoring by Thinkers50 | LinkedIn Influencer & LinkedIn Top Voices ‘18-’19 | MG100 Coaches | Advisor to Google Venture (GV) | Author of The Launch Book

Chester Elton headshot

Chester Elton

Partner and Founder of “The Culture Works”

#2 Org Culture expert & #4 Leadership expert by Global Gurus
USA Today, Bestselling Author of ‘Anxiety at Work’, ‘The Carrot Principle’ and ‘The Best Team Wins’ | MG100 Coach

Will Guillaume Foussier headshot wearing a blue shirt and a blue blazer

Will Guillaume Foussier

Co-Founder & CEO at AceUp

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