Human-‘SENT’ric Leadership Development: A People-First Approach to Talent Evolution

This webinar features Dee Olomajeye, Head of People, Senti Biosciences and AceUp Strategic Advisor, Rosette Cataldo. In this informative session, we’ll tackle new approaches to human-centric leadership development. Learn why coaching isn’t just a one-size-fits all program, and how to put your employees at the center of every decision you make when planning and measuring your L&D efforts.


Headshot Dee Olomajeve, Senti Biosciences (AceUp Customer)

Dee Olomajeye

Head of People, Senti Biosciences

Dee Olomajeye is responsible for all facets of Senti’s people strategy, with a focus on DE&I, Empathy and Collaboration as key building blocks in designing their employee experience. Prior to Senti, Dee worked as a Senior Consultant in the Health & Benefits field. She received her B.F.A. Degree in Media Communications from The University of Cincinnati and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Rosette Cataldo

Rosette Cataldo

AceUp Strategic Advisor

Rosette Cataldo works closely with global organizations of all sizes to help them embrace new HR technologies that impact their employees’ development. A 25-year HR technology veteran, Rosette consults with CHROs and Talent Leaders around the world to drive business results. Her vast knowledge in continuous-performance development, recognition, and coaching helps create human-centric workplace cultures.

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