Inclusive Leadership: How to Foster an Inclusive Mindset w/ Sandra Quince

Companies are building increasingly diverse, multidisciplinary teams that tap the unique capabilities of individuals from all different backgrounds. However just hiring a diverse team doesn’t mean you will be tapping the incredible performance that diversity has been shown to create. To truly maximize your potential you need inclusive leadership. In this workshop Sandra Quince will discuss how you not only lead a diverse workforce, but foster an inclusive mindset throughout your organization that will lead to maximum performance and psychological safety at all levels.


Sandra Quince

Sandra Quince

Sandra Quince CEO, Bank of America Leader on Loan to Paradigm for Parity

Sandra Quince is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for leading the execution of all elements of P4P’s strategic plan and is responsible for the financial, programmatic and operational performance of the organization. She will work with the coalition’s co-chairs and Board of Directors to oversee and execute the organization’s strategic vision and growth plan.

Prior to this role, Sandra was the Diversity & Inclusion Executive responsible for the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council (GDIC) and head of D&I for the Global Human Resources organization.

Some of Sandra’s other accomplishments with respect to D&I include promoting religious inclusivity by educating managers on dates of observance for all employee faiths, and the importance of scheduling meetings and deliverables around them. She also partnered with global food service companies to address religious-based dietary needs. Additionally, she trained managers from an alliance partner bank to develop their global partnership competencies around new business development, operations, associate engagement and inclusion. Sandra also advises the Asian Advisory Council in its advocacy for colleagues of Asian descent with respect to career advancement.

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