Leading to Succeed

We invite you to dive into an enriching experience by watching the video from our recent event with Wagner Denuzzo, celebrating the launch of his groundbreaking book, “Leading to Succeed.”

In this captivating session, Wagner delves into the transformative concept of distributed leadership, emphasizing the pivotal role of teams as the fundamental unit of value in today’s organizations. This recorded conversation is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of leadership and teamwork in the modern era.

“Teams are the new unit of value in an organization… Nowadays we are thinking about building capabilities, critical organizational capabilities that lead you to an exponential advantage in the marketplace.” Wagner Denuzzo


Wagner Denuzzo

AceUp Advisor & Leadership Development Expert

Wagner Denuzzo, a Latino immigrant from Brazil, became a licensed psychotherapist and later held global executive roles in Fortune 500 companies. His experiences allow him to establish connections between psychology and workplace social dynamics, as well as the unique experiences of individuals navigating rigidly hierarchical businesses. At its heart, the book shows that leadership skills are vital for all members of the organization—from individual contributors to executives—to prepare them well for the new era of work.

Paul Tripp

Global Head of Coaching Impact & Innovation, AceUp

Paul is a passionate and dynamic Senior Executive Coach with over 20+ years of providing advisory, executive coaching, and mentorship to global leaders. Accolades include: ICF PCC, Certified Team Coach, Certified Group Coach, MS Finance, MA Human Relations.

“Human-centered leadership means understanding what your people need, how they think and how they behave so you can incorporate them more fully into every aspect of your business.”

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