Remote Leadership Presence w/ Yvette Gavin

In this workshop leadership guru Yvette Gavin will help you mold and adapt your leadership presence to the evolving hybrid workplace we are living in and discuss new ways of communicating, and more difficulty, leading from a distance.


Yvette Gavin

Yvette Gavin

Chief Learning Officer, Yvette Gavin Consulting

Yvette Gavin is an elite business development strategist, an international bestselling author, and a certified leadership and personal development coach, trainer, and speaker. As the founder of Yvette Gavin Consulting, she is notably known for her work with the United States Government, her facilitation of leadership workshops for the U. S. Consulate in Brazil, the Centers for Disease Control, and The Georgia National Guard.

An Oral Roberts University graduate, Yvette holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and has a unique gift of inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve success faster and with greater peace of mind. She has held progressive leadership roles at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical, AT&T, Cbeyond, Delta Air Lines, Cox Communications, and CNN. Yvette is a thought leader in strengthening small and large companies and navigating careers across changing landscapes which she outlines in her book, Recalibrate! Navigating The Job Market with Confidence.

A certified leadership coach with the John C. Maxwell Team and a certified life coach with the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA), Yvette is a former reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a former Black Enterprise contributor, a BOSS Network Influencer, and the host of the top-rated television show, Faith at Work. Combining her passion and experience of building a thriving workplace and personal relationships, Yvette has spoken at national and international conferences and appeared on radio and television programs as leadership and relationship advisor.

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